The first church services of the Apostolic Christian Church of America in the St. Louis area were held November 22nd 1981 at the Harley Hotel in Earth City MO. Elder Bro. Roy Grimm (Taylor, MO) conducted these services and served as non-resident elder to the congregation for many years. Services were initially held twice a month at various hotels, for a long time at the Ben Franklin Motel near the St. Louis airport. The congregation was initially small and served by ministers that traveled from other Apostolic Christian congregations. As the body of believers grew, services were increased to three times a month in 1987 and then weekly with the installation of the first resident minister, Bro. Loren Schrenk in May 1988. Visiting minister rotation from other congregations has continued to the present to support the ministry at St. Louis. 

With additional growth over the next few years, a permanent church building was desired. Property was found at 3333 Upper Bottom Rd in St. Charles MO and the current church building was constructed with financial and volunteer help from the national church. The first service was held in the new building on March 10, 1991. Membership and attendance has fluctuated over the years, but the Truth has continued to be taught and lived out in the daily walk of the church members. In the nineties, a weekly Wednesday night Bible study was begun that is held on a rotating basis in member’s homes. 

In 2008, Bro. Chris Wuethrich (who had served as a minister in other Apostolic Christian congregations) moved to St. Louis with his family due to a job change. He joined Brother Loren on the pulpit in the summer of that year. Regular HarvestCall activities were established as the church grew larger. The Sunday School has grown significantly as the majority of the church is currently made up of young families. In 2014, Bro. Chris’s job changed again and he and his family moved on. Brother Nathan Rassi was added to the local ministry in September of 2015. Attendance now averages around 50 with many of those children.